Certified Mechanical Processings

Quality Objectives

  • to increase the value of products/services;
  • to improve processes, both in terms of efficiency and efficacy;
  • to align the quality management system with the operational situation at the company;
  • to optimize costs;
  • to understand, measure and improve in-house and external customer satisfaction;
  • to establish co-marketing and involving relations with its customers, with a view to a lasting and fruitful relationship.

OMT instantly understood the importance of implementing standardized operating procedures within the company and was therefore one of the first businesses to achieve certification in 1999, in compliance with the current UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 Standards.

For OMT, a correctly implemented and well disseminated Quality System is a sure way of guaranteeing quality and efficiency based on continual improvement policies. In a rapidly changing market, where receptiveness and flexibility are primary requisites, OMT invests in the involvement, training and specialization of its workforce.

This creates a vision which is no longer a pyramid system, but an organizational structure in which all persons involved are vested with responsibilities and discretional powers, moving towards an extensive team working concept.

Qualità certificataQualità certificataQualità certificata

OMT also sets itself short and long term targets to improve and optimize all aspects of business and production. In short, it works to achieve an internal status where the value of Quality is truly shared and adopted by all involved, placing particular emphasis on environmental aspects. OMT views this strategy as a certain guarantee of continuity and long term corporate solidity.

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